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    Need Some Ideees!


    Larry D

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    Need Some Ideees!

    Post  Larry D on April 8th 2009, 4:18 am

    Y'all don't make fun of me now, y'hear? Check out this URL... $.69 (cent) speakers. I bought sixteen pairs a month or so ago. I forgot all about them until my wife just said "Honey Do.... honey, move those boxes up in your attic workshosp." "What boxes?" "The ones you have to step around every time you walk through the dining roon." "Oh, those boxes. Who put those there? What's in those boxes.... (fiddle fiddle) ... ohhhh, sixteen pairs of speakers... who bought those?"

    In high school electronics class many years ago back before there were many... any... none hi-fi speakers available for kids, we made our own out of usually abandoned car speakers, old AM radio speakers or the Allied catalog. They weren't great. Our teacher told us about a speaker he read about and made himself when he was in electronics school, called the "Sweet Sixteen". The article was in... oh, I forget the magazine now... Popular Electronics... one of those, it's not hard to google and find out. The guy wrote the article and then the parts supplier had a run on this particular driver he used. It didn't get good reviews from the real audiophiles... but what does that's affordable, even back then. It has been tested and does have some serious shortcomings. Nevertheless, lots of DIYers and kids who loved that new.... Rock 'n Roll loved it. I made one out of various car speakers. The reason was music always seemed to sound better in cars when we were crusin' than out of our little AM bedroom radio. There was no shortage of wrecks at the junkyard. So, I used a big piece of plywood, cut holes... some oval, some round, depending on what the junk yard dealer had on that week. We made a big Open Baffle speaker. Some people overcame some of the deficiency adding separate tweeters.

    I found the magazine and article through Google at a magazine shop in Canada and ordered it... 10 Bucks U.S. plus $4 shipping. Never got it. Wrote twice. Second time got a person to answer but never got the magazine. If anyone has it, would you mind drawing me a diagram or explaing in simpler than simple English how to wire 16 speakers together again. Here's the speakers.... ... they're still on sale for 69 cents a pair... they're not bad... they're not good.... they're just pretty good little desk-top speakers... like the ad says, that cost $15.95 at the computer store. I'm not going to take them apart (if I ever do this), just get out the jigsaw or make a router jig... or something... maybe hanging them from the ceiling with string... or putting 16 screws into the drywall and using the built-in holes... I just paid $2,000 last summer to have a guy drywall the attic, I don't think my wife would appreciate me screwing it up... which seems to be my karma since retirement...

    Okay... one the one hand we had a AM radio with a 3-4-" speaker.... on the other hand, we had a piece of plywood about 4x8 that took up most of one side of a bedroom full of car speakers playing rock 'n roll... on the other hand.... that 4x8 Sweet Sixteen, no matter "how sweet it is.... was" quickly ended up in the garage, treehouse, barn, preferably "over at (name a friend, any friend, we all had them)'s house... let his mother listen to it, it's not going to stay in this house another minute, that's that" (partents weren't so limp-wristed Dr. Spock wishy washy back then... the rod wasn't spared, the child wasn't spoiled... in my case it was a long Forsythia bush "switch" wielded by my 70-year old Grandma, a deadly combination... plus she made me go out and pick it myself... and I got double if the offense violated one of the Commandments).

    Let me know what you think. If you can tell me how to wire these together, I'd appreciate it... I could add a tweeter... and home made subwoofer. I noticed on the above URL that it says they are 150-15,000 4 ohms. What are 16 4 ohm tiny little speakers hooked together? Do I need to get the venerable Phase Linear 400 off the shelf to drive them?

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