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    Need some car advice


    Larry D

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    Need some car advice

    Post  Larry D on June 13th 2010, 12:41 am

    Our son took a job earlier this year as a hospital administrator in Cheyenne, Wyoming. He was in charge of hospitals in the Air Force and he retired for several years and build his dream house. Then he decided to go back to work. One of their cars is not the best car to have in Wyoming and has been garaged for some time now and he doesn't want to sell it, he wants to give it to us. We already have two nice cars that work perfectly and have been long since paid for, both Fords, a van and a 4WD.

    The car is a Chrysler/Mercedes Benz Crossfire. I don't know the year, but it's like new condition. This Crossfire is basically a Mercedes Benz something underneath, just as few bodywork changes and the name. They love it. It has a metal retracting roof.

    Here's a picture of the car (except it's silver powder blue) --

    Don't say to take it and sell it. I couldn't do that. That would be rude. They could do that. They want to give me the car because they know I like sports cars and used to have a little two seater and am always dreaming about buying another one. We just stopped and looked at Mazada Miata recently. But I'm not really serious anymore because I don't want to spend the money for another car when I have two perfectly good, albeit it plain Jane cars. The 4WD looks nice... it has big wheels and truck accessories. I don't really use it that much, however, here on the farm because we can't keep up with everything anymore and just hire people to do most of the work.

    We have a nice Southwestern Missouri Off Road facility right here in Seymour with camping, horseback riding that we have thought about going and camping. If I take the truck on one of the several off road tracks they have there it would certainly be the easy one. After my youthful sportscar years I had a tricked out Toyota landcruiser and I might have tried one of the harder events, but not now.

    However, we love to travel and drive. Frankly, we would have trouble getting in and out, but would really enjoy the driving part.

    So, it's strictly a gift -- actually it's kind of a bribe because my wife wants to move back to the Northwest to be closer to her grand kids and great grand kids and family in California and Washington. She's suggesting Portland, Oregon because years ago I used to live there for a dozen years and really liked it. But I really love it here, too. It's so pretty here in the Ozarks, affordable, neighbors and nice, people are nice. We're out in the country. Our nearest neighbor is half mile away. It peaceful and quiet. We grow soybeans... we rent the fields to our neighbor who has all the tractors and combines and stuff.

    So... let me know if anyone is familiar with the Crossfire. It looks pretty. It's beautiful. It's supercharged but I'm not interested in speed anymore, just driving performance. Even though I don't speed anymore, I love the feel of the road. I love curvy roads. I love back roads. Since we both have had skin cancer problems because we used to be just totally outdoors, adventure loving hiking, camping, surfing, laying on the beach, photography, tennis, softball, driving back and forth across country with the top down... oiy, now we're retired. I don't think if we put the top down we'd have enough room for luggage anyway.

    I got some really kind and nice responses on the AV123 forum when I posted a similiar message. I'm very grateful for your commments.

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    Re: Need some car advice

    Post  ch46eseaknight on June 13th 2010, 10:38 pm

    If it is Supercharged then it is the SRT6. I've driven one before and it was fantastic, absolute blast. Plenty of power, great control. I think it has the same powertrain as the MB C32 AMG. Supercharged 3.2 litre V6 with around 330 HP. They are great. I've heard that the dealer charges around $130.00 for an oil change on them, i don't know if the supercharger has it's own resevoir.

    Here is the Car and Driver article on the SRT6.

    There is a huge difference in the Crossfire and the Crossfire SRT6.

    If you want a fun car to drive that looks great (even if you only drive it 2k miles a year) then this is it.

    Just my .2 cents.

    I would love to own one but having a child keeps me from having a 2 seater or eles I would have a 2004 Corvette Z06.

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