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    Strata Mini vs. Quad 22L2's


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    Strata Mini vs. Quad 22L2's

    Post  johzel on March 10th 2010, 8:47 pm

    My new Quad 22L2's arrived today. Here are my initial impressions comparing them to my Strata Mini's.

    The Quads only have a few hours on them (but were therefore considered "used" nonetheless so I got a great deal on them) and still need a breaking in period. With that in mind: First thought was huh, they're small in stature. Smaller than the Onix 1.8's. Thought they could have come better boxed - surprised me that they weren't double boxed and/or protected all around by foam. Having said that, they arrived in perfect condition. They're absolutely gorgeous - the veneer with all the lacquer is stunning. I had no choice in finish - but would love to have seen the light maple - our woodwork is light birch - would have been nice to match that but no remorse over the Rosewood.

    Now onto the sound. I ran these in comparison to my Mini's through a Onix H34 amp and Audio Space CD player (through the tube output). Mostly listened to Sara McLaughlin, Mark Knopfler, Jorma Kaukonen, and a little bit of Iz (Somewhere over the rainbow). At first impression, I couldn't help but think that my Mini's (and also my Onix Reference 1's) are pretty darn good speakers that should satisfy most anyone's listening needs. At session's end I concluded the same thing relative about the Ref. 1's and Mini's, but the winner was the Quads. As the session went on both myself and my friend Andy concluded that if we were A-B comparison shopping we would have left the store having purchased the Quads - no question. They are very different speakers. The Mini's laid back style worked against it in this comparison. The Quads are extremely detailed/accurate, the sound stage is fantastic and they're more forward. It occured to me during the listening session why I like my Reference 1's so much. They have incredible detail as do the Quads - apparently this is something I really like in speakers. So, I was looking for a pair of speakers that I didn't think would be a lateral move with what I have (i.e. the Strata Minis) - from what I heard in the hour or so I have had to listen, I think that was accomplished - in my opinion the Quads are a step up from the Mini's. These are speakers that should please for a lifetime. Now, add a sub to them (which I don't think is necessary) and I can only imagine. There you go. Listening impression #1.

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